• Making a Difference in Our Community

    The runners ready to go at the start line for the 2016 Veterans Day 5KThose who have been following Dominion Consulting for any period of time know that one of our core corporate values is giving back to the community. Our team prides itself on helping organizations that make lasting and meaningful impacts of the lives of many. We also look to support those organizations that are near and dear to our employees’ hearts.

    Dominion employees at all levels dedicate their time and talent to these organizations. We are proud to have an annual Community Outreach budget that allows us to support these causes in many different ways.


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  • Bring Order to Uncertainty with A4

    Dominion Consulting's Agile A4 LogoHave you ever participated in a project where you felt there was no direction, no path forward?  Have you asked yourself, How can we apply a process to our decision making? Here at Dominion Consulting , we had experienced this numerous times with clients and within our own internal projects. Our experience always led us to a solution but we wanted a better, more consistent, way forward.

    Drawing from our efforts, we captured a series of best practices and lessons learned. Then, we created a model that would identify, assess, and road map a “problem solution.” We saw a need for a fixed period, firm fixed price assessment methodology that would provide our nonprofit customers cost certainty. After substantive development, we created a diagnostic framework that we have successfully applied internally and externally with our customers.

    We introduce you to the Assembling, Assessing, Aligning, and Acting Diagnostic Framework. Or more simply, A4. (more…)

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  • Fear Not Our Corporate All-Hands Meeting

    The Dominion Team listens to the latest Community Service update at our last all-hands meetingWhen someone hears the term “All-Hands Meeting,” the scene that immediately comes to mind is a fluorescent lit hotel conference room with classroom style seating facing a projector screen with executives in suits presenting a PowerPoint slide deck that results in employees in the audience playing a version of corporate buzzword bingo to pass the time. Well, we decided – THIS. Was. Not. Us.

    When evaluating Dominion Consulting’s All-Hands events, we try to hit the following criteria:

    • All-Hands activities > Daily work activities
    • Awesome venue location
    • Unlimited beverages and variety of food options
    • Provide transparent and honest company highlights
    • Team building
    • Employee recognition

    …. And clearly, the most important – HAVE FUN! (more…)

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  • Not Just About Money…Our Commitment to the Mattie Miracle Foundation

    2016's enthusiastic crowd for Mattie Miracle Cancer Foundation WalkIn the age of Fundly, Booster, and GoFundMe, one would be hard pressed not to find a worthwhile cause in need of financial help. Every so often you come across one that strikes a match and lights a fire within you to do more. Since 2012, that cause has been Mattie Miracle Cancer Foundation.

    This year marks the 8th Annual Mattie Miracle Walk & Family Festival. The walk generates 85 percent of the Foundation’s budget, all walk proceeds go towards the Foundation’s programs. 2017 marks Dominion’s sixth year participating in the walk. Once again we are encouraging all of our employees and their families and friends to join us as we walk. With each lap around the track, walkers earn a colorful cup to place in the chain link challenge wall. Once filled, Mattie Miracle Foundation will have met their challenge! Which means you’ve helped Mattie Miracle Foundation raise an additional $3,000 to support their psychosocial mission.


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  • Transforming Information Governance at ARMA Boston

    Laurence Hart speaking at ARMA Boston, presenting the importance of mapping the information flowLast week I had the pleasure of jumping up to Boston to present at ARMA’s Boston Chapter. The topic was a familiar one, Information Governance in the Age of Digital Transformation. I updated and expanded my keynote from the 2016 Information Governance Conference to allow the attendees to receive the latest insights.

    As expected, it was a great event with a lot of good conversations about how we can take a fresh approach to Information Governance. This is a real need as many organizations are still struggling to make strides more than two decades after beginning this journey.


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  • “Strategic IT” What is that? I Have a Strategy, I Think…

    Dominion's icon for Strategic IT showing 3 people sharing an ideaOver the past couple of years our technologists have been spending much of their time reading blogs around technology and studying release notes from Apple, Amazon, SAP, Mulesoft, and other technology giants. This could fill our entire week keeping up the amazing capabilities and innovations in Cloud, Analytics, the Internet of things (IoT), machine learning, etc. that every organization can adopt to save money and improve their mission effectiveness.

    Then we meet with our clients and talk about their plans for leveraging these new capabilities. We usually hear they don’t have the time or resources to use these new capabilities. We also hear it’s not on their strategic plan or even worse, they don’t have a plan. How do you prioritize without a plan? When did you last update the plan? Are you living your plan? How fluid is the plan? Most people can’t really answer these questions.

    From our perspective, if you don’t have a living strategic plan for technology that is fiscally informed, then you are not just behind, you are wasting the little money you do have to enable your mission. The importance of making informed decisions around IT spend and direction should be every IT leader’s top objective.


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  • Getting Information to the People at AIIM17

    A sign welcoming people to AIIM17Another year and another AIIM Conference in the bag. It was a good year as the industry seems to be slowly coming to the realization that while content is a problem, the solution is to solve the business problem, not necessarily the content problem.

    The industry entered AIIM17 with a debate over whether Content Services or Enterprise Content Management (ECM) should be the default name for the industry. The speakers, and attendees, basically uttered a massive, “Who cares?” We are solving problems and learning how to make sure that not just information can be found. Valuable information can be found.


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  • Does Adding Definition of Ready to Your Team Agreements Help?

    In agile, a story is defined as ready, sent through a sprint, and then marked as done when it becomes part of a product incrementA few years ago, I started introducing Definition of Ready to help alleviate a common challenge I was seeing. User stories were coming into the sprint with little information and weren’t making it to Done. The team spent more time talking to the Product Owner about what they wanted than developing it.

    As an agile enthusiast, I was aware of the latest updates to Scrum guidelines and introduced Definition of Ready thinking this will solve our problem! I met with the team, setup a few guidelines as reminders of what should be in a story, we were set!  Over time, through retrospectives, these guidelines morphed into something I started to realize no longer made us an agile team.


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  • Off to AIIM 17 to Catch Up on the ECM Industry

    Sunrise over the beach in Flagler Beach, Florida, near Orlando, site of the 2017 AIIM ConferenceNext week I will be representing Dominion Consulting at the annual AIIM Conference. AIIM is returning to Orlando after a three-year hiatus. A lot has changed in the industry since the last trip to Orlando. Even the events in the last year have changed the space quite a bit. EMC will not be present and any Documentum presence will be at the OpenText booth. An interesting cloud-based Records Management vendor from last year, RecordLion, was just bought by Gimmal. There will also be many discussions over Content Services versus ECM as the new label for the industry.

    As always, the most valuable part of the AIIM Conference will be the exchange of ideas taking place between sessions and over refreshments. Another year of new experiences gained and lessons learned that the community can combine into success for everyone.


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  • Proud to be an AGA Partner

    Dominion Consulting booth at the 2017 AGA National Leadership TrainingAs Dominion Consulting continues to grow, an important consideration is, “Where will our marketing dollars go?” We have always believed it is important to sponsor and participate in events and member organizations that reflect our capabilities. Our consultants want to interact with and learn from their industry colleagues. Most importantly, it is also a great tool for our employees to earn CPEs to keep their certifications current.

    Dominion could not be more proud of our relationship with the Association of Government Accountants (AGA). Three years ago Dominion joined the Corporate Partner Advisory Group (CPAG), increasing our involvement with the AGA. We have already had a busy year working with the AGA.


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