• Announcing the Dominion Consulting Veteran’s Day 5K

    The Dominion Consulting Veteran's Day 5KFall is here and that means it is time to prepare for the annual Dominion Consulting Veteran’s Day 5K and 1K Fun Run on Sunday, November 13 in Fairfax, VA. This is the third year in a row we have partnered with Potomac River Running in organizing this event. Once again, the race will benefit Team Red, White & Blue (Team RWB). An amazing organization, Team RWB supports veterans as they transition from the military back to their families, communities, and lives through sharing social interactions and sharing experiences.

    Veteran’s Day is a day to honor America’s heroes, all US service men and women, past and present, who help keep our country safe and free. That makes Team RWB’s work so important. With a mission to enrich the lives of America’s veterans by connecting them to their community through physical and social activity. This mission makes supporting Team RWB through the Veteran’s Day 5K one of our premiere community outreach events each year.


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  • Welcome to Dominion Consulting

    Dominion Consutling Logo

    After years of operating as IBC, a DBS Company, we have decided to change our name to Dominion Consulting Inc. After the successful merger of Dominion Business Solutions and IBC, and the sale of our subsidiary EigenX, we felt the time was right to embrace a fresh image that will drive us forward and build a stronger culture and identity. We also believe it is time to move away from using an acronym to a name that is easy to remember and use.

    Our new name pays homage to our strong Virginia roots and represents our leadership in the technology and management consulting sector. This change represents our future and emphasizes the strong culture, rich history, and energy we bring to solving our clients’ most complex problems. As Dominion Consulting, we are renewing our dedication to delivering forward-thinking solutions that drive success and build your future.


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  • Content Analytics at the AIIM 2016 Conference

    When in New Orleans, this is one of the healthier options

    I attended the annual AIIM Conference recently in New Orleans. As expected, it was a great event with a lot of interesting presentations. I spent a lot of time talking to people, learning what they were doing, how they were achieving success, and hearing about what wasn’t working. I may also have had a beignet or two.

    My chief interest was content analytics. There has been a lot of buzz in the industry regarding this capability and I wanted to learn how real it was among practitioners. It seems like a simple concept; Take the classification technology from eDiscovery tools and apply it at the front end of the business process. Instead of reacting, become proactive in analyzing and acting upon content.

    I learned that it is going to take some pioneers to make this a reality.


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  • Leveraging Open Source and the Cloud for Your Open ECM Platforms

    We’ve been talking about how to leverage open APIs to connect content-centric solutions together. The goal is to leverage the success from deploying point solutions without creating the numerous silos that typically accompany that approach.

    The question that arises is what kind of platform providers are incented to create and maintain open APIs? Any vendor can claim to have an open API. Unless supporting those APIs long-term is core to their business model, those APIs may vanish or become closed in the future. While any enterprise content management (ECM) vendor may have open APIs, open source and software-as-a-service (SaaS) vendors are the ones whose business depends on open APIs.

    The Open Source Advantage

    Open source software (OSS) is a natural tool in creating open ECM ecosystems. Being open is core to who they are, making their APIs open by default. Documented and supported APIs are very useful, but when the code is open source, a new level of capability can be taken leveraged.


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  • The Open ECM Platform

    There has been talk of creating enterprise content management (ECM) platforms for years. They typically do not live up to the hype or expectations. The upfront investment typically required dooms most projects before they deploy their first business solution. It has reached the point where if an organization wants to implement ECM I typically walk away if I cannot persuade them otherwise.

    That doesn’t mean that the need for ECM platforms don’t exist. Given the ever increasing creation of content today, it is even more important to be able to rapidly solve content-centric problems without creating numerous content silos. What is needed is an alternate approach to gaining the benefits of an ECM platform without forcing a big-bang approach to ECM with its large upfront investment.

    The answer is to pick an ECM system the same way an organization picks a database system. Choose based upon the system’s ability to scale and meet the needs of the organization. An open API (application programming interface) allows the exposure of content services that can be used to add content capabilities to other applications and to build new solutions. Being open allows an organization to move forward without worrying information being bound to that system forever.


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  • IBC Heading to AIIM 2016

    A beignet & coffee

    This is almost enough reason to go to New Orleans by itself. Photo by Jed Carr

    In two weeks, IBC will be attending the annual AIIM Conference in New Orleans. I’ll be attending along with Jed Carr to check to see what the latest is in content management and information governance. While the city of New Orleans with its unique food and culture (beignets!) would seem like enough of a reason to attend, there are many more important reasons.


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  • Stop the Closed Content Silos

    It starts simply enough. Your company needs a system for managing its contracts process. The finance department goes out and purchases a contracts system. Being forward thinking, they pick one that is cloud-based so they don’t have to maintain the infrastructure. Things are going well until…

    • The ability to track supporting documents from within the system is identified shortly after launch
    • After finance loads supporting documents, those documents are now stored in multiple locations
    • Nobody knows which version is the current version any longer
    • Groups outside of finance need access to the contracts but licenses are limited
    • Contracts need to be linked to their CRM and ERP records but nobody can figure out how

    The contracts process may be working well but information is trapped in a system that is closed-off from the rest of the organization. The only way to have information everywhere it is needed is to duplicate it which leads to complications in managing information.

    This is a common problem in organizations. Whether it is contracts, FOIA processing, investigations, or team collaboration, there are a multiple systems containing content and information needed by other business processes. The existence of shared information conflicts with the reality that many processes are best solved with different solutions.


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  • USDA Issue Management and Training Awarded to IBC

    Reston, VA – January 12, 2016 – At the end of last year, IBC was awarded a new contract by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to provide complementary financial management services to the Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO), Associate Chief Financial Officer for Financial Systems (ACFO-FS). IBC will be providing expert level support for incident management as well as SAP-specific training with the ultimate goal of creating operational improvements and efficiencies within the Financial Management Modernization Initiative (FMMI) environment. The IBC team will deliver superior software development and effective training resources with proven implementation methods including SAP ASAP, Agile, and traditional waterfall programs. Todd Barber, Managing Principal with IBC said, “This award is a testament to the excellent value brought to USDA by the IBC Team over the last few years.  We are extremely proud to continue our ongoing support at OCFO and look forward to the further development of their people and systems.”


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  • IBC, a DBS Company Receives Prestigious Inc. 5000 Award

    Inc. Magazine Unveils Its Annual Exclusive List of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies – the Inc. 500|5000

    IBC, a DBS Company Ranks No. 2113 on the Inc. 5000 with Three-Year Sales Growth of 185%

    Reston, Virginia, September 30, 2015 – Inc. magazine ranked IBC, a DBS Company NO. 2113 on its eighth annual Inc. 500|5000, an exclusive ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. The list represents the most comprehensive look at the most important segment of the economy – America’s independent entrepreneurs.

    Achieving an outstanding 3-year growth rate of over 185% percent, IBC has seen revenue climb from $11.2M to over $31.9M and the addition of over 50 jobs during this time period. This growth has landed us on the Inc. 5000 list two years in a row and truly shows the dedication of our incredible team of professionals.


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  • #HowToCompete – Know Your Customer!

    Do you know your customer?

    I mean, do you really know your customer?

    You know who your customer is, you hopefully know the mission that they serve, and you might even know that the head of their company likes to play tennis every weekend. But, and I’ll ask again, do you actually know your customer? As a newly large company, your efforts to grow engagements organically as the Prime contractor, getting to really know your customer, and understand their stories, is of utmost importance.

    Every customer has a story, and more specifically, every program has a story. The story is likely more in depth than “we need project management support on an upgrade of a financial management system.” Sure, that may be a part of the story, but it is not the entire story. Why does your customer want to upgrade their financial management system? Why does this matter, and how can we use it to our advantage?


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