• Drum Roll Please, the Top Ten Reasons to Work at Dominion are…

    We recently asked our employees to provide their thoughts on what makes Dominion Consulting the best company to work for. Each employee received an email from our anonymous survey provider, TINYpulse, that included this question about corporate culture. Our purpose in asking this specific question was to find out what people really looked forward to about work. Having this type of information allows us to focus on maintaining a great corporate culture.

    Here is what they said:


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  • And, the Top Workplace Award Goes to…

    Dominion Consulting is thrilled to announce that for the second time, we made the list of The Washington Post’s 2017 Top Workplaces ranking an impressive 21st out 65 similarly sized companies. The Top Workplace award signifies the best places to work in the Washington D.C. metro area. This award is especially important to us because the winners are selected based off the most important criteria – the employee feedback!

    The Washington Post partnered with Workplace Dynamics to provide an independent evaluator of the anonymous employee surveys. The winners were selected based on the highest overall scores from a variety of topics: quality of leadership, direction of the company, pay and benefits, and work-life balance.


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  • A Hand’s On Approach to Giving Back: Our Night at The Children’s Inn

    The Dominion Consulting team was happy to fix tacos for the The Childrens Inn at NIHOn June 8th, Dominion Consulting employees cooked dinner for the families that are currently living at The Children’s Inn at National Institutes of Health (NIH). For those of you that don’t know, The Children’s Inn is a non-profit dedicated to providing “a place like home” for children and their families participating in clinical research at NIH.  Coming to NIH is a last, best hope for treatment or a cure for many of them. (more…)

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  • Making a Difference in Our Community

    The runners ready to go at the start line for the 2016 Veterans Day 5KThose who have been following Dominion Consulting for any period of time know that one of our core corporate values is giving back to the community. Our team prides itself on helping organizations that make lasting and meaningful impacts of the lives of many. We also look to support those organizations that are near and dear to our employees’ hearts.

    Dominion employees at all levels dedicate their time and talent to these organizations. We are proud to have an annual Community Outreach budget that allows us to support these causes in many different ways.


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  • Fear Not Our Corporate All-Hands Meeting

    The Dominion Team listens to the latest Community Service update at our last all-hands meetingWhen someone hears the term “All-Hands Meeting,” the scene that immediately comes to mind is a fluorescent lit hotel conference room with classroom style seating facing a projector screen with executives in suits presenting a PowerPoint slide deck that results in employees in the audience playing a version of corporate buzzword bingo to pass the time. Well, we decided – THIS. Was. Not. Us.

    When evaluating Dominion Consulting’s All-Hands events, we try to hit the following criteria:

    • All-Hands activities > Daily work activities
    • Awesome venue location
    • Unlimited beverages and variety of food options
    • Provide transparent and honest company highlights
    • Team building
    • Employee recognition

    …. And clearly, the most important – HAVE FUN! (more…)

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  • Looking at Dominion’s Culture with a Fresh Perspective

    Brooke Cloud at her desk in Dominion HQBrooke Cloud joined Dominion Consulting a few months ago as a Senior Consultant supporting our USDA IV&V engagement. Brooke is an avid DC Sports Fan and traveler, with a goal of visiting at least one new city every year. When she isn’t validating the migration efforts of federal financial systems, she can be found honing her photography and interior design skills or spending time with her 64 cousins!

    Brooke recently took a few minutes out of her busy day to share what it is like to work at Dominion.

    What attracted you to working at Dominion?

    When I interviewed, I had a job offer on the table from a large company but I wanted to work somewhere that I could grow with. Smaller businesses tend to make that easier.

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  • Heck of a Hack

    Earlier this month, we held our first company hackathon in our new office. It proved to be a great day and a tremendous learning experience for our company and particularly all of the employees who got the chance to participate. I had the opportunity to help facilitate the day’s activities. I thought take a moment to reflect on what I thought was a very successful event.


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  • The Future of Work at Dominion

    Dominion Consulting's new front doorThis post was originally drafted after the 2016 AIIM Conference, but postponed until now due to some exciting changes at Dominion. Throughout the summer and early fall, we focused on creating our new brand in conjunction with a new, larger, office space build out. We started with a clean slate, and slowly worked our way to the present. The journey through both was challenging and exciting.  Throughout the process, much of what I took away from AIIM 2016 was in the back of my mind, shaping my feedback around what I thought the future of work at Dominion should look like.

    Our company, like many others in our line of work, deploy teams across a variety of client sites. Our project managers do a great job at creating successful environments for team cohesion within a project. However, cohesion across project teams at a corporate level, is something we strive to improve continuously. While attending AIIM 2016 in New Orleans, I sat through several great keynotes and sessions. They helped shape my opinions and feedback throughout our re-brand and office construction projects, especially in Josh Morgan’s #FutureOfWork discussion.


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