IBC Heading to AIIM 2016

A beignet & coffee

This is almost enough reason to go to New Orleans by itself. Photo by Jed Carr

In two weeks, IBC will be attending the annual AIIM Conference in New Orleans. I’ll be attending along with Jed Carr to check to see what the latest is in content management and information governance. While the city of New Orleans with its unique food and culture (beignets!) would seem like enough of a reason to attend, there are many more important reasons.

The Networking is Excellent

The AIIM Conference tends to be one of the better industry networking events. While vendor conferences can be useful in this regards, at AIIM you get a broader collection of experts than you would at a vendor event. Instead of learning how to use software better, you learn how to solve real-world information governance problems.

Jed and I are both looking forward seeing familiar faces. Whether it is people that we talk to throughout the year to exchange ideas or only connect an industry events, it is always good to have strong connections across the industry.

That said, it is the forging of new friendships that really make the largest impact. Why new connections? New people bring new viewpoints and experiences from which we can learn. It is too easy to get caught-up in an echo chamber in this industry. New perspectives makes sure that we are continuously evolving with the industry.

New Ideas

Of course, there is more to AIIM than just networking. Whether it is something new or getting an update on a product, strolling through the vendor showcase is always worthwhile.

I’m definitely going to be visiting Ephesoft to learn more about their auto-classification technology. I want to learn how much of it is real and how much of it is marketing.

RecordLion has also grabbed my attention as a federated, cloud-based, records management (RM) tool that can work with SharePoint and Box. This is very intriguing as both have the tools to meet most RM requirements but the ability to do so by the average records manager is not as straightforward.

The sessions are always useful. I’m looking for new ideas and going to just see what looks interesting. Jed has a few more specific items to tackle while in the sessions.

One is how to increase engagement and collaboration within an organization across disparate teams. This is both directly relevant to what we do internally at IBC and for many of our clients with dispersed teams.

Another interest of Jed’s  is really how to tackle classification challenges. Let’s face it, most organizations have a lot of content already created. Forcing people to go back and classify it is a large undertaking. That is part of my interest in auto-classification technology but as that isn’t widespread, learning how people have tackled that problem would be enlightening.

Security is an interest to both of us. There are a lot of breaches these days. The scale of the breaches clearly show that being aggressive with deleting information is unlikely to work. Systems need to be secure and consistently updated to minimize system exploits. Hearing how organizations work together to make sure that they stay on top of this without negatively impacting productivity will be interesting.

Are you Going?

If you are attending, reach out. You can easily use twitter to reach either Jed or myself. We’ll be moving around, absorbing ideas, and getting to know people.

Looking forward to trading ideas with you.

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