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After years of operating as IBC, a DBS Company, we have decided to change our name to Dominion Consulting Inc. After the successful merger of Dominion Business Solutions and IBC, and the sale of our subsidiary EigenX, we felt the time was right to embrace a fresh image that will drive us forward and build a stronger culture and identity. We also believe it is time to move away from using an acronym to a name that is easy to remember and use.

Our new name pays homage to our strong Virginia roots and represents our leadership in the technology and management consulting sector. This change represents our future and emphasizes the strong culture, rich history, and energy we bring to solving our clients’ most complex problems. As Dominion Consulting, we are renewing our dedication to delivering forward-thinking solutions that drive success and build your future.

As part of this change, in addition to creating a new logo, we have redesigned our website to make it easier for both current and future clients, partners, and employees to learn about Dominion Consulting. The new site has a clean, responsive design that allows people to learn about Dominion whenever they want, wherever they want. Like Dominion, the new site represents our future as our clients evolve.

We are still the same experts that our clients have learned to depend on over the years. Our solutions in Agile Engineering, Enterprise Applications, Information Management, and Management Consulting are designed to allow our clients focus on the future by solving their critical challenges today. Our solutions work together to help our clients assess their environment, make a plan, execute efficiently, and adjust rapidly to changes as they occur.

Dominion is known for our trustworthiness and innovation. Our new name and logo better aligns with that reputation. As Dominion Consulting, we are looking forward to continuing to serve you, our clients, for years to come.

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